Founded in 1862 by Max Gerstner, the ring manufactory has been in the property of the same family for six generations. The firm moved to the historical firm building exactly one hundred years ago. Since 1977, this building has been continuously adapted to the technical demands by modification and expansion, processes in which the original firm area has increased to more than double.

The use of innovative technology in the field of production is not left to lower levels, but is managed by the directors themselves. Highly qualified goldsmiths do the artistic handicraft work which makes every Gerstner ring a precious piece of jewelry.

The exclusive Gerstner design is created by Annelie Fröhling, a master goldsmith and one of the partners of our company, who has been addressing herself to the topics of our collection for more than ten years: classical-ageless, ingenious-fanciful, and venturous avant-guarde.

In 1997, Gerstner introduced the first rotary rings with ball bearing into the market under the name "Twister". As a result of the great success, several attempts have been made to copy this patented system, but without reaching its quality level.